Digital Twin solutions

Digital Twin solutions

Virtual commissioning and rapid prototype development using digital twin.

Machine or a product line can be fully simulated in a virtual environment. All motors, actuators and sensors of the machine can be simulated. Full production flow including the parts/material can be simulated with the powerful physics engine.

PLC software can be developed and tested together with a virtual version of the machine – digital twin.

Using a digital twin you can cut the time-to-market tremendously.

Most of our digital twin solutions are based on Unity3D game development platform. We bring the modern game technology to the machine automation industry.

Multipurpose digital twin

Mechanical design

Mechanical design can be verified in virtual reality before producing any parts.

Expensive design flaws can be avoided. Complex mechanical structures can be optimized with virtual testing.

PLC software development

Normally PLC has IO modules which are connected to real sensors, actuators, frequency inverters, servo drives, etc.

In digital twin PLC software can be simulated and real hardware is not needed at all. Instead of sensors, actuators and motors, there is a virtual version of them.

PLC software can be run and tested just like real machine but all in virtual reality.

HMI software development

User interface can be tested with a virtual machine. All operations can be tested.

Elements of digital twin model can be used in HMI software.

Sensor simulation

Virtual sensors can be placed in the virtual machine. If simulated product or material hits the sensor, the sensor value is sent to the PLC. PLC software can then react just like the signal would come from a real sensor.


All motors, frequency inverters and servo drives can be simulated in virtual environment. When PLC controls the motor, virtual motor moves the part in digital twin model. Even very complex kinematics can be simulated.

Digital twin can also be used for


Bring your potential customers to a virtual factory for a tour. Show them how your machine works. Simulate the offered machine setups and present it to in virtual environment.


New machine operators can be trained in virtual factory. No risk for injury or machine damage. Even the most dangerous fault situations can be simulated and safely trained to the operators.

Concept testing & material flow simulation

The best production material flow calculation is the test run in virtual environment. You can easily change the mechanical and software setup to meet the specified production flow without any costly rebuilt of machines.

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