Mobile apps and dash boards

Mobile apps and dash boards

Collect data from your machines and show dashboards on mobile app

Machine data can be collected from PLCs and other data sources to cloud or local server.

Data can be visualized in many ways and different dashboards can be shown to different users.

We have the right solution for every need. Starting from a simple data collection and dashboards to a complex native apps to control your complete machine.


Easy implementation

We have tools and technology to quickly implement dashboards of your machine data.

Cloud or local server

We can run our solutions in cloud or your local server in private network.

Secure communication

All communications are encrypted and authentications required.

It’s also possible to publish some data publicly without any login available for demo purposes.

Configure and control machines remotely

Configure your machine parameters and control your machines and systems from mobile app. It’s even possible to replace the local user interface completely if necessary in some special applications.

Remote diagnostics

Diagnose and analyze machine faults from mobile app.

Monitor your installed base

View all your installed base and customer machines at one glance.

Schedule service visits to customers based on service interval counters and predictive maintenance functions.

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