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Software development – specializing in machine automation

Machines are in critical role for production of plants. High availability of the software is a must. All software must be designed for long term use.

We have long experience in the field of industrial automation. We have been developing software for many different for control systems (PLC) and HMI platforms. This has given us very good overview of available solutions on the market. We can always help you to choose the right technology for your specific project.

Meet Our Team

Eero Tiainen


Eero has been coding since he was a kid. His programming career started already in the 1990s. When other kids were playing out, he was doing his own game development and 3D experiments.

Most of his career Eero has been working with industrial automation software and control systems.

Eero is your best partner for finding the right HMI technology solution for your machine. He will make your dreams and plans reality.



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