Visualizing your machine

We build great looking HMI’s and visualizations for machine automation

Web based HMI

We design and develop cutting-edge web based HMI solutions for your machine

Mobile apps & dashboards

Access your machine data anywhere and anytime.

Digital twin solutions

Virtual commissioning of a machine or product line with the help of a Digital Twin.

Great looking HMI helps you to sell more machines

HMI = Human Machine Interface (the software that is used to operate the machine)

Modern look of HMI software is a key feature when selling machines. Whatever high technology lies under the hood, the most visible part of the machine is always the HMI. Everyone is used to touchscreen operation, gestures, easy scrolling and so on. These standard features are well known in every mobile phone and tablet. Everything else feels old fashioned.

Eero Tiainen

It’s important to look good but HMI project has to be easy to create and maintain too.

With modern tools, the development is also easy and fast. Reusing the code and graphical elements is saving development time.

New developers will learn the tools fast.

– Eero Tiainen, founder of Industrial Apps Oy

Our Services

Design and planning

We will help you to select the right technology for your machine or production line.


Turnkey delivery or development as part of your team.

Support and remote assistance

All solutions are remotely accessible and our team is always available to support you.

Continous development

We support you in long term to maintain your lead in technology.

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